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An Electronic Travel Authorization or eTA is basically an entry requirement for those visa-exempt foreign travelers. All citizens from visa-exempt nations are required to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization or eTA system to get a pre-approval for travel. The main goal of this eTA system is to expedite movement for visa-exempt people and to protect from security threats.

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    Electronic Travel Authorization online is a definite option for visas issued at online service for Travelers. Choose your nationality and select the country you are going to and apply for your visa in 3 easy steps! Get your passport and provide the information from your passport to visa application, make a payment and then you will receive visa at the your email address.

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    Whether you are planning a short trip or you need to travel to any country for business reasons, eTA visa plays an indispensable role. Regardless of the reasons for traveling to the country, it is essential to apply for electronic Travel Authorization visa, referred to as eTA. The Governments of countries has set some latest entry requirements for the via exempt of the foreign nationals who are traveling to the country by air. You do not need the eTA for other modes of travel by sea and land. This website provides guidance on What is ETA Visa and the online requirements that are required for applying for eTA visa online. Take a look!


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    Requirements For Eta Visa

    The requirements for applying for this e visa is straightforward and simple. The travelers should be aware of the three requirements in order to apply for the eTA visa. Here are three crucial requirements in order to apply for the same

    ❶ A Valid Passport Number

    In order to apply for eTA visa, it is mandatory that the applicant should be having a valid passport from his country of origin. You should take a note that the different forms of travel documents, other than the valid passport from the visa exempt territory are not going to be accepted.


    ❷ A Valid Credit Or Debit Card

    In the online eTA application procedure, the person should be making a payment of the application fee, after the filing and submission of online form. You need to keep in mind that the fee is nonrefundable. The applicants are allowed to make payments of the fees with the aid of debit card or prepaid credit cards. Some of the payment methods that are accepted in this regard are inclusive of Intera, JCB Card, Credit cards.

    ❸ A Valid Email ID

    Applying for the eTA visa contributes to being a simple online procedure. A wide array of people get their approvals in no time. On the other hand, certain approval requests for eTA visa may require few days for processing as the traveler will be asked for submitting the supporting documents.
    During the whole procedure, the applicant should make use of a valid email ID where different information related to eTA visa will be emailed. For instance, they will get notifications emails after the submission of eTA application requests. In case some relevant documents are required for the processing of the visa, the instructions will be emailed.
    After meeting the above-mentioned requirements and making payment of the application fee, they will be obtaining the eTA visa which will have validity until five years.

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