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Apply on-line for an eTA

Generally, online application forms are allowed for most short-term visa applications. While applying, ensure that you answer the questions that will determine which program for immigration that you are applying for. While answering the questions, the machine will determine if you meet the criteria for the application form. Ensure that the form is completed. If you fail to complete the form, you might not be eligible for the visa application. If you don’t have the info requested, you are permitted to write N/A to fill the provided space. You are only permitted to leave the space empty if you don’t have any unique customer identification. If you want to add more information about yourself, you can write a fresh document and post the optional documents. Pick add a notice of explanation and upload your document.

Paying for your visa

The next thing is to cover the eTA visa. This service will cost you a total of 39 EUR. You pays it via VISA debit or credit card, MasterCard, American Express credit card, JCB International Credit Cards or even with Diners Club International Credit Cards.

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Once you send your form, you won’t take enough time to really get your visa. It will require three to four days, maximum a week. But you’ll have to submit all the required information to avoid any delay.

ETA Australia - All that you will need to know!

ETA or Electronic Travel Authority visa is associated with your passport electronically and provides you with an authorization to enter and travel Australian cities. This Australian eTA visa is for any short term visits to Australia. It can be for any contractual discussions, making enquiries related to business or for participating in conference. It is not a working visa and therefore if you want to work in Australia, this visa will never be considered. ETA is essential for any visa-exempt nationals (except Australia) traveling to Australia. You are able to apply for this visa online.

Australia Visa Application

ETA Australia Requirements

eTA Australia Requiments for Australian Citizens

Australian eTA visa Requirements

Before you make an application for this kind of visa, you will need the following documents:
• A valid traveling passport
• A working credit card that you will use for payment
• The applicant should be from outside Australia.

Australian visa application

Important recommendations

Your traveling agent can also reserve an eTA visa for you. If you are traveling with family, make sure that all of them has the Australian eTA visa.

Australian tourist visa


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