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Apply on-line for an eTA

You must first choose whether you are visiting Australia for business purpose or as a tourist. Then choose your country and proceed to the application form form. Here, you have to fill in your personal details as they show up on your passport. You have to supply the family name and confirm it once more. Then provide other details, such as name, sex, DOB, country of birth and passport details. You’ll also have answer Yes’ or No’ for if you have police records and have every other names. Once all these details are filled out, press Next’. You must fill up additional information about your addresses. When everything are done, you can go to the next step.

The payment

The next thing is to pay for the eTA visa. This service can cost you a complete of 39 EUR. You can pay it via VISA debit or credit card, MasterCard, American Express card, JCB International Credit Cards or even with Diners Club International Credit Cards.

Visa will be sent to your e-mail

Once the payment is paid, the processing of your visa will take between two weeks to two months. Later, you will get an email from the consulate with your visa which you can attach to your passport.

ETA Australia - Everything that you will need to know!

It is a type of registration that is not legally categorized as a visa. It is necessary for international travelers who are traveling to Australia, and some circumstances are avoiding them from getting a visa. Under some conditions, if the eTA is rejected, the owner will be required to obtain a visa for a placement. If you’re traveling by air, the eTA will stay valid for no more than five years. If your passport expires your eTA also expires. Which means if you apply for a new passport, you will need a new digital travel authorization too. It really is good to note that your eTA will note offer you an entrance to any country in Australia. You will need other accompanying documents just like a passport. That means you must be eligible to enter the country you visit.

Australia Visa Application

ETA Australia Requirements

eTA Australia Requiments for Cambodian Citizens

What are the requirements for ETA visa?

The first requirement is that you need to be outside of Australia. The visit must be intended for business and tourist purposes. Besides, you need to belong to some specific countries. This service is not available for the citizens of most countries. As well as the above, you need to fulfill the following requirements.

• The applicants should not have any criminal history that made him stay in prison for more than a year.

• The applicant shouldn’t be experiencing tuberculosis at the time of traveling.

• You can get an ETA visa for paid work or any type of similar work. In rare cases, you can get this visa for unpaid voluntary work. But this will not be the only real reason to go to Australia. Moreover, this voluntary work shouldn’t be distributed by an Australian resident.

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So, these are the needs to use for eTA visa. Also, trying to get it is becoming quite easier now. You can merely make an application for it online following the previously listed steps.

Australian visas


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