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Apply on-line for an eTA

You need to use it online. It can be applied easily online. You will see a few websites to get the application form. You will need to choose a trusted website to make the process fast and more effective. As mentioned previously, you will need your passport, email, and credit cards to fill the form.


The best way is to pay through an online platform. You only need to get on your web. The web page has payment for different visa types that you pays for. Once you pick your visa type, click on the preferred approach to payment. Once you pay, you will obtain an acknowledgment message indicating that you have paid.

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Once you have submitted your details and made the payment, your request will be processed. When all the details are checked completely, you’ll get your ETA which is the same as a visa. There will be no stamp or label on your passport but it will be electronically associated with your passport number. So, ensure that everything including passport details are accurate.

ETA Australia: The Best Visa for a fast trip to Australia

ETA or Electronic Travel Authority visa is associated with your passport electronically and provides you with an authorization to enter and travel Australian places. This Australian eTA visa is for any short term stay in Australia. It could be for any contractual discussions, making enquiries related to business or for going to conference. It is not a working visa and hence if you want to work in Australia, this visa will never be considered. ETA is essential for just about any visa-exempt nationals (except Australia) planing a trip to Australia. You are able to apply for this visa online.

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ETA Australia Requirements

eTA Australia Requiments for Indian Citizens

What are the requirements for ETA visa?

The first requirement is that you need to be beyond Australia. The visit needs to be designed for business and visitor purposes. Besides, you need to belong to some specific countries. This service is not available for the citizens of all countries. As well as the above, you will need to fulfill the next requirements.

• The applicants shouldn’t have any criminal record that made him stay in prison for more than twelve months.

• The applicant shouldn’t be suffering from tuberculosis at the time of traveling.

• You are unable to get an ETA visa for paid work or any type of similar work. In rare circumstances, you can understand this visa for unpaid voluntary work. But this will not be the sole reason to go to Australia. Moreover, this voluntary work should not be distributed by an Australian resident.

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Important recommendations

So, they are the needs to use for eTA visa. Also, trying to get it is becoming quite easier now. You can merely apply for it online following previously listed steps.

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