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Australian visa application

Online form

In most cases, online applications are allowed for most temporary visa applications. While applying, ensure that you answer all the questions that will determine which program for immigration that you will be applying for. While answering the questions, the machine will see whether you meet the criteria for the application form. Ensure that the form is completed. If you neglect to complete the form, you might not qualify for the visa application. If you don’t have the info requested, you are permitted to write N/A to fill the provided space. You are just allowed to leave the space empty if you do not possess any unique client identification. If you wish to add more information about yourself, you can write a new document and send the optional documents. Pick add a letter of explanation and upload your record.

Make an online payment

You will see no complication for payment. They accept all the major credit cards including JCB, MasterCard, and VISA. Your credit card information will be encrypted. There is no fear of losing your important data.

Check your e-mail

After the payment is made, the handling of your visa will take between fourteen days to 8 weeks. Later, you’ll get a email contact from the consulate with your visa which you are able to put on your passport.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), to Australia

ETA or Electronic Travel Authority visa is linked to your passport electronically and provides you with an authorization to enter and travel Australian territory. This Australian eTA visa is for just about any short term stay in Australia. It can be for any contractual discussions, making enquiries related to business or for attending conference. It is not an operating visa and hence if you would like to work in Australia, this visa will never be considered. Electronic Travel Authority is essential for any visa-exempt nationals (except Australia) planing a trip to Australia. You can make an application for this visa online.

Australia Visa Application

ETA Australia Requirements

eTA Australia Requiments for Irish Citizens

Certain requirements for Australian eTA Visa are:

The person or traveler applying for eTA visa must be from outside Australia
He/she must be a citizen of the accepted countries for eTA. Check their public website for the accepted countries
The individual visiting Australia should not be experiencing TB (tuberculosis) at the time of arrival in Australian territory.
He/she must not have any earlier criminal convictions which the person has beeen in prison for more than a year
The visitor’s purpose must be visiting friends/family, tourism, business meeting or visiting.
Someone who is likely to stay lesser than three months in Australian territory

So, they are the needs to use for eTA visa. Also, applying for it is becoming quite easier now. You can simply make an application for it online following above mentioned steps.

Australian visa


So, these are the needs to apply for eTA visa. Also, trying to get it has become quite easier now. You can merely apply for it online following the above mentioned steps.

Australian visa application

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