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You have to first choose whether you are going to Australia for business purpose or as a tourist. Then choose your country and proceed to the application form. Here, you have to complete your personal details as they show up on your passport. You must supply the family name and confirm it once again. Then provide other details, such as name, sex, DOB, country of birth and passport details. You’ll also have answer Yes’ or No’ for if you have criminal records and have every other names. Once each one of these details are filled out, press Next’. You must fill up more details about your addresses. When everything are filled out, you can go to the next step.

Spending money on your visa

The best way is to pay via an online platform. You merely need to get on your online. The web page has payment for different visa types that you pays for. Once you select your visa type, click on the preferred method of payment. Once you pay, you will obtain an acknowledgment message indicating that you have paid.

Check your e-mail address

After the payment is made, the processing of your visa will need between fourteen days to two months. Later, you’ll get an email from the consulate with your visa which you can attach to your passport.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), to Australia

An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) offers authorization to the visa holders to enter and travel to Australia. The Australian ETA visa will be electronically linked to the passport of travelers. ETA visa is necessary for a short-term stay. The travelers and business people can apply for this visa to go to any conference and also to make negotiations. The applicant needs to know that it is not a work visa. For the work visa, the process will be different.
There is always confusion between the eVisitor visa and ETA visa. The conditions and features could be more or less same. There can be an only difference that is the nationality of the applicant. While submitting your visa application, you will be asked to choose of the nationality depending on your nationality stated on the passport. People of thirty-five countries are allowed to apply for ETA visa. But you will see a few restrictions for an eVisitor visa. Only folks of eight countries meet the criteria for this visa.
You need to apply for this visa online. For this, you must be outside of Australia and you’ve planned to go to Australia for a short-term stay for business and tourist purposes. To apply for this visa, you’ll need your passport, credit card, and email.

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Australian eTA visa Requirements

Before you apply for this kind of visa, you need the following documents:
• A valid traveling passport
• An operating credit card that you use for payment
• The applicant should be from outside Australia.

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Important recommendations

Your traveling agent can also reserve an eTA visa for you. If you are traveling with family, ensure that all of them has the Australian eTA visa.

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