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You have to first choose whether you are going to Australia for business purpose or as a tourist. Then choose your country and proceed to the application form form. Here, you have to fill in your individual details as they show up on your passport. You have to provide the family name and confirm it once again. Then provide other details, such as name, sex, DOB, country of birth and passport details. You will also have answer Yes’ or No’ for whether or not you have police records and have every other names. Once all these details are done, press Next’. You must fill up additional information about your addresses. When everything are filled out, you can go to the next step.

Paying for your visa

The next thing is to pay for the eTA visa. This service can cost you a total of 39 EUR. You pays it via VISA debit or credit card, MasterCard, American Express cards, JCB International Credit Cards or even with Diners Club International Credit Cards.

Get Visa

Once you submit your form, you won’t take enough time to get your visa. It will take 3 to 4 days, maximum weekly. But you will have to submit all the required information to avoid any delay.

WHAT IS Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), to Australiaa

It is a kind of registration that is not legally categorized as a visa. It really is needed for international travelers who are traveling to Australia, and some circumstances are avoiding them from obtaining a visa. Under some conditions, if the eTA is rejected, the owner will be forced to obtain a visa for a placement. If you’re traveling on airlines, the eTA will stay valid for a maximum of five years. In case your passport expires your eTA also expires. Which means if you apply for a new passport, you will need a new electronic travel authorization too. It is good to note that your eTA will note offer you an entry to any country in Australia. You will need other associated documents such as a passport. Which means you must be eligible to enter the united states you visit.

Australia Visa Application

ETA Australia Requirements

eTA Australia Requiments for Sri Lankan Citizens

Certain requirements for Australian eTA Visa are:

The individual or traveler applying for eTA visa must be from outside Australia
He/she must be a citizen of the accepted countries for eTA. Check their formal website for the accepted countries
The individual visiting Australia should not be experiencing TB (tuberculosis) at the time of arrival in Australian territory.
He/she must not have any previous criminal convictions which the person has maintained in prison for more than a year
The visitor’s purpose must be visiting friends/family, tourism, business meeting or visiting.
Someone who is likely to stay lesser than 3 months in Australian territory

So, they are the needs to apply for eTA visa. Also, applying for it is becoming quite easier now. You can simply make an application for it online following the previously listed steps.

Australian visa application

Important recommendations

Your traveling agent can also reserve an eTA visa for you. If you are traveling with family members, ensure that all of them has the Australian eTA visa.

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