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Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), to Cambodia

The e-Visa also called the Electronic Travel Authorization is different from a proper visa. It really is a sign up required for the foreign travelers of a certain country to travel to another location without a proper visa. If the e-Visa is rejected, then travelers can obtain a proper visa. Out of the diverse exotic locations offering e Visa to international travelers, Cambodia offers the vacationers interesting places to explore. Getting Cambodia E-visa is fairly simple as people need to invest only a little time to obtain it on the web platform.

Easy Application of Electronic Visa

Cambodia is a land abundant with culture, background, and beautiful monuments that can excite the travelers immensely. The Southeast Asian country is blessed with beautiful sceneries, stunning temples (Angkor), Kampong Som beach, etc. Visitors can enjoy the mesmerizing attractions of Cambodia, which will provide a great time with simple steps. The process to use for a Cambodia E-visa is quite simple as it is obtained in just three steps.

Fill the Form: The tourist needs to create an account on the official Cambodia e Visa website. The vacationers need to fill up their personal information on the secure online e Visa form.

Payment method: After the information is confirmed, the travelers can opt for an ideal payment method using a credit card (Visa or MasterCard)

Ways to get a visa: The visitors is now able to download the visa in the pdf format, which is available in the e Visa visitor accounts available within three days of submitting the application form online.

ETA Cambodia Requirements

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Eta Cambodia requirements

Cambodia E-visa Program Requirements

Cambodia E-visa is very accessible and secure. However, to acquire a Cambodia e-visa you’ll need to provide the following;

• Valid Passport – for one to qualify to get a Cambodia visitor visa, must give a valid passport. Lack of valid passport will cause you to be disqualified from getting the Cambodia e-visa.
• Digital Passport picture- another essential requirement when trying to get Cambodia e-visa is the digital passport picture. Failure to provide this record, you’ll be denied Cambodia visitor visa.
• Credit/debit cards or PayPal account- These are found in making payment after filling out the online form. If you lack all these payment methods, your application won’t go through because they’re the certified payment methods used when applying for a Cambodia e-visa.
• Answer Simple Personal Questions- you’ll be asked to answer various personal questions on the web application form which will be used in your visa digesting.

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It really is essentially a visitor visa which can be opted online. Individuals who require multiple entries or staying in the country of Cambodia for a long period can make an application for the cambodia business visa.

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