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What’s e-Visa?

Egypt e-visa simply refers to the digital system that permits foreigners from other countries to be able to visit Egypt for their own tourism satisfaction. That is a system that was developed by the federal government of Egypt to make the procedure for individuals wishing to visit Egypt much simpler. The procedure has been made simpler because one does not need to visit the Egypt Embassy to be able to get an e-visa. You can merely obtain your e-visa through an online application. This makes the process of applying for an Egypt e-visa much quicker and easier. The e-visa that is granted can either be a single permit that is only going to cater for a person or it’s rather a multiple admittance permit that is intended for several people. The Egypt e-visa is only going to allow the person to whom it has been issued in which to stay Egypt for a restricted period of 30 days. The e-visa can only be used for three months, and it expires.

Egypt Visa Requirements

Egypt Visa Application

Egypt Visa Requiments for Cypriot Citizens

Egypt visa requiremets

Anyone having a passport can make an application for Egypt visa online. The passport should be valid till at least 6 months from the entry into the country. E visa is released only for the goal of trade and tourism. Apply for Egypt visa online through the our website. The Egypt E-Visa application is a three-step process.

Egypt Online Visa application

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Visa application

Any person who’s no Egyptian citizen of the visa-exempt country requires to apply for a visa to get entry to Egypt. The Visa form is sectioned off into three stages. You begin by completing your personal information, which is all about your identity. Choose the processing time that will establish timeframe for the processing of your Visa and its own cost. Make sure you accept the best processing time that fits your requirements. Processing time is split into Standard processing time, rush processing time and Super hurry processing time. All these handling timeframes are suitable under different conditions. So, ensure you do not make any rush decisions when it comes up to now. When you are through with your Visa application you have to proceed to payment. You can clear the payment by using a debit and a credit card. PayPal is also another mode of payment that is accepted. You may use it. After uploading the relevant information and documents, you can post the application form and depending on the timeframe you’ll get your Visa. The application process takes approx 20 minutes. Luckily, there’s a qualified support services that works night and day to work with you make good use of these.

e-Visa for Egypt

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