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What is ETA India?

An ETA is a type of travel authorization. It, though can be an unofficially categorized qualification as visa, is necessary while traveling abroad. Usually, ETA is necessary by various international travelers, who do not need a visa, during vacationing for several reasons. It isn’t a proper kind of visa and is completely different from a normal visa. If a visa gets rejected, a tourist is left without other option. But, if an ETA application gets rejected, a traveller has the authority for application of a visa.

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ETA India Requirements

Visa India Requiments for Australian Citizens

Indian E-Visa Requirements

The Indian Government has made the process of trying to get the tourist’s visa online simple, but it gets the following requirements that the tourists need to fulfill;

The Indian ETA Visa is valid for only 60 days, the tourists willing to increase their stay must apply for a proper visa.

The tourists can opt for different e-Visas depending on the purpose of their travel (for example e-Tourist Visa, e-Medical Visa, e-Business Visa).

The tourists applying for the visa will need to have at least six months passport validity (from the estimated date of arrival) along with 2 empty pages.

The travelers can enter India twice using the e-Visa.

Vacationers must carry other documents that prove their identity.

The tourists from certain countries like Pakistan cannot apply for the ETA.

Tourists can enter the country from the various airports (25) and 3 seaports.

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India is a mesmerizing country that can entice the tourists from round the world using its natural charm and beauty. It has exquisite scenery, unique places to explore and provide unlimited excitement to the travelers. India provides the vacationers a visual feast with fascinating religious framework, diverse landscapes, historic ruins, unique locations, etc. Planing a trip to India is an easy process with the introduction of the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). With few steps, the vacationers can submit the application for Indian ETA visa online.

Fill the application form: The vacationers need to complete the application form that has all the personal information about the person. Once the details are confirmed, the travelers can save the information and check out payment.

Payment Method: The online platform of the Government of India offers a secure channel to proceed with the payment for the e-Visa using the credit cards/debit cards (MasterCard or Visa) following the verification of the personal information.

Ways to get a Visa: Applicants can download their visa in PDF format off their accounts. Tourists can apply for the visa 4 months before their travel or minimum of 4 days before their start of journey.

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