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WHAT IS Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), to India

What is ETA

An ETA is brief for Electronic Travel Authorization. It is an authorization usually associated with a Travelers Passport that allows a international traveler to travel to India with out a conventional Visa. The ETA is usually for short term stays of a maximum of 60 days and is used for either tourism,
treatment, attending conferences, business negotiations and the likes. The ETA is not really a work permit and therefore will not give its holders the to work or apply for work in India. An Indian ETA can be done online and will not usually require the Physical Presence of the applicant before it is verified.

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Before applying for an Indian ETA Visa there are certain requirements that must be met by the Applicant. It’s important to notice that not all international travelers are eligible to apply for an Indian ETA Visa, check the state Indian ETA website to verify if travelers from your country are eligible to apply for an Indian ETA visa.

The Applicants travel document should have at the least 6 month’s validity from the date of arrival in India, there also needs to be a the least two blank pages on your Passport for the immigration officer to stamp on. International Travelers must have a return ticket or an onward journey ticket and should have enough money to spend while residing in India.

Note that the Indian ETA Visa is only for short term visits therefore Candidates are only permitted apply if the sole purpose of their visit is perfect for sight-seeing, to go to friends, a brief business trip or a short duration treatment. Any purpose other than this, the applicant is advised to use for a typical Travel Visa.

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Trying to get visa in 3 steps

Trying to get an Indian ETA Visa is very straightforward and easy. It requires just 3 easy steps:
1. The Applicant will be required to fill out an Application form using their bio-data and other information on the application form Portal. A passport photo with a white background will be uploaded to the portal plus a duplicate of the Candidates International Passport showing the Applicants Photograph and Details. However, requirements may vary depending on the reason for visit i.e. an e-Medical Visa will demand a copy of a letter from a healthcare facility concerned in India on its letterhead, for an e-Business Visa, a copy of your business card will be needed.

2. After filling out the application form the second step will be for the Applicant to pay for the ETA Visa online, it is usually advisable for payment to be made 4 days before the expected day of travel and a maximum of 120 days before expected departure date. Payments through Credit Cards are accepted, Accepted Credit cards include; Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

3. After payments are created, the Applicant will be required to wait for time while the ETA Visa Application is being Processed and Verified for bad spellings and invalid Details. When the application form has been approved, the applicant will be sent an Email confirming the Status of his Application. The Approval is to be printed out and proven to officials at the point of departure.

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