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WHAT IS Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), to India

An ETA is a type of travel authorization. It, though is an unofficially categorized certification as visa, is required while traveling overseas. Usually, ETA is required by various international travelers, who don’t need a visa, during vacationing for certain reasons. It is not an effective kind of visa and is very different from a usual visa. If a visa gets rejected, a tourist is left with no other option. But, if an ETA application gets rejected, a traveller has the authority for application of a visa.

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Before trying to get an Indian ETA Visa there are certain requirements that must be met by the Applicant. It is important to note that not all international travelers meet the criteria to use for an Indian ETA Visa, check the official Indian ETA website to verify if travelers from your country meet the criteria to use for an Indian ETA visa.

The Applicants travel document should have a minimum of 6 month’s validity from the date of arrival in India, there also needs to be a the least two blank pages on your Passport for the immigration officer to stamp on. International Travelers will need to have a return ticket or an onward trip ticket and really should can pay for to spend while residing in India.

Note that the Indian ETA Visa is for short-term visits therefore Applicants are only eligible to apply if the sole purpose of their visit is perfect for sight-seeing, to go to friends, a brief business trip or a short duration treatment. Any purpose other than this, the applicant is preferred to use for a Conventional Travel Visa.

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How to make an application for visa?

There are a few steps that needs to be followed, while the first is applying for a visa. These are stated below.

Filling up of form for a visa: All the people, who travel abroad, needs a visa. And the first step to obtaining a visa is to apply for just one. Nowadays, everyone can apply for a visa through online process. They must have appropriate legal documents, to do so. Photograph, signature, nationwide identification and different details are needed, during application. The necessity of informational data varies, according to the type of visa.

Method of payment for a visa: Anyone, who is seeking a visa, can now shell out the dough, online. While filling the application online, one will reach the place where there are links to pay the money online. Online obligations can easily be performed with the aid of debit cards, credit cards and other settings of online obligations. The charge for the visa is not refundable. That is applicable, even if one withdraws his or her application, afterward. The reason for withdrawal will not be considered and granted. Various countries have different and strict rules, regarding visa fee payments.

How one can have the visa?

One has to provide an apt reason, for visiting any other country. The reason why can be anything, however the person must show legal documents, to confirm that. Following the submission of an application form of visa, one receives a receipt with a specific allotted number. It helps one to track the process of improvement of his / her visa. The minimum time, that’s needed is, for visa acceptance is four days approximately. Which varies from country to country. After one receives the email of verification of visa, you have to submit his or her passport to the Consulate of the particular nation. Following this, they might receive the passport with the granted visa.

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