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The Indian ETA visa allows the visitors to make an application for the tourist visa online without going to the authorized consular office. It allows the tourists in which to stay India for an interval of 60 days without any issues. The Indian authorities introduced the digital tourist visa on arrival for the international passengers from 2014. The electronic travel authorization allows the international passengers to request for the visitor visa online. It’s the registration that allows the visitors to visit India without a proper visa. The vacationers who get the ETA rejected can still make an application for the actual visa to go to the mesmerizing country.

ETA India Requirements

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Requirements for Indian ETA visa

Any international travelers can visit with a target of sightseeing, recreation, to meet loved ones, friends or due to medical emergency treatments and business purposes.

The passport must have a validity of six months, starting from the day of arrival in India. There should be two completely blank pages in the passport for stamping.

International travelers will need to have their return ticket and sufficient money for the stay in India.
The international travelers with Pakistani origin or Pakistani passport have to apply at the Indian Mission.

Everyone must have their individual passport.

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Trying to get visa in 3 steps

Applying for an Indian ETA Visa is very straightforward and easy. It needs just 3 simple actions:
1. The Applicant will be required to submit an application form using their bio-data and other information on the Application Website. A passport picture with a white background will be published to the portal along with a duplicate of the Applicants International Passport displaying the Applicants Photo and Details. However, requirements may be different depending on the purpose of visit i.e. an e-Medical Visa will require a duplicate of the letter from a healthcare facility concerned in India on its letterhead, for an e-Business Visa, a duplicate of your business card will be required.

2. After filling out the application the second step will be for the Applicant to pay for the ETA Visa online, it will always be advisable for payment to be produced 4 days prior to the expected day of travel and no more than 120 days before expected departure date. Payments through BANK CARDS are accepted, Accepted Credit cards include; Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

3. After payments are created, the Applicant will be required to wait for time as the ETA Visa Application has been Processed and Verified for bad spellings and invalid Details. When the application form has been approved, the applicant will be delivered a contact confirming the Status of his Application. The Approval is to be printed out and proven to officials at the point of departure.

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