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WHAT IS Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), to India

What’s ETA

An ETA is short for Electronic Travel Authorization. It really is an authorization usually linked to a Travelers Passport which allows a international traveler to go to India with out a standard Visa. The ETA is usually for short-term stays of a maximum of sixty days and is used for either tourism,
medical treatment, attending conferences, business negotiations and the likes. The ETA is not really a work permit and therefore does not give its holders the right to work or make an application for work in India. An Indian ETA can be carried out online and will not usually require the Physical Existence of the applicant before it is confirmed.

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ETA India Requirements

Visa India Requiments for Latvian Citizens

Requirements for Indian ETA visa

Any international travelers can visit with a target of sightseeing, recreation, to meet loved ones, friends or due to medical emergency treatments and business purposes.

The passport will need to have a validity of six months, starting from your day of arrival in the country. There has to be two completely empty pages in the passport for stamping.

International travelers must have their return ticket and sufficient money for the stay in India.
The international travelers with Pakistani origin or Pakistani passport have to apply at the Indian Mission.

Everyone should have their individual passport.

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How to apply for visa?

There are a few steps that should be followed, while you are trying to get a visa. They are stated below.

Filling up of form for a visa: All of the people, who travel abroad, needs a visa. As well as the first step to finding a visa is to apply for just one. Nowadays, everyone can apply for a visa through online process. They need to have appropriate legal documents, to do so. Photograph, signature, national identification and various details are needed, during application. The necessity of informational data varies, according to the kind of visa.

Method of payment for a visa: Anyone, who is seeking a visa, is now able to shell out the dough, online. While filling up the application online, one will reach where there are links to pay the money online. Online payments can easily be achieved by using debit cards, bank cards and other modes of online payments. The fee for the visa is not refundable. This is applicable, even if one withdraws his or her application, afterward. The explanation for withdrawal will not be considered and granted. Various countries have different and strict rules, regarding visa fee payments.

How one can obtain the visa?

One has to provide an apt reason, for going to every other country. The reason can be anything, however the person must show legal documents, to demonstrate that. After the submission of an application form of visa, one receives a receipt with a particular allotted number. It can help one to monitor the procedure of improvement of his or her visa. The minimum time, that’s needed is, for visa authorization is 4 days approximately. Which varies from nation to nation. After one receives the mail of confirmation of visa, you have to submit his or her passport to the Consulate of the particular nation. After this, he or she can receive the passport with the granted visa.

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