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Myanmar eta

Fill out the form

1. Filling the Application Form.

In filling in your E-Visa to Myanmar you’re required to complete the following details;

1.) PERSONAL STATS: That stage entails imputing your full name, date of birth, country of citizenship, country of birth, and gender. These details aids the federal government to determine and verify your identification and current whereabouts.

2.) Passport Details: In this stage, one must input the country where they were issued using their passport, valid passport number, Passport date of your issue, and passport expiry date. Each one of these details help the authorities to establish whether you possess a valid passport and its validity.

3.) Contact Details; Here you need to fill in contact details such as your email, your cellular phone number and a confirmation of your email. This information helps the regulators short you on the progress of your application easily as well as contact you in case of any arising issues.

4.) Travel Details; Here you are required to specify the Visa type you are seeking and the date you hope to enter the country. This goes quite a distance in aiding Myanmar officials to determine the purpose of your visit.

5.) Declaration of Applicant: This part requires a declaration by the applicant that the info given is truthfully complete and correct. The applicant also needs to ensure that you read and understand all the Terms and Conditions laid down.

Paying for your visa

Payment method

After submitting your E-Visa form you have to pay the federal government fees and service fees through online by making use of credit card, debit card or through paypal system. Once after the payment, you will receive a verification message to your mail id and then you have to upload some necessary documents necessary to generate a visa. For some emergency visits, you’ll be able to get a visa within a day but it costs more money than the usual amount.

Check your e-mail address

3. Ways to get an E-Visa.

Once you’ve completed paying up for your e-Visa, you are assigned a transaction ID and asked to wait as the Myanmar regulators get a chance to review your application. Normally improvements regarding your application and results are communicated to you through the telephone number or email you provided, One can, however, check up on the position of their application through the official website making use of your passport, transaction or application number.

ETA Myanmar - Everything that you will need to know!

Electronic Visa or E-Visa is a validation form required by every individual to travel to another country. Every country have their own rules setup for foreign nationals and the Visa will be givin accordingly. E- Visa is totally different from the tradition visa and there is no need to visit right to the migration department and embassy. The main advantage of E-Visa is you can apply it through online and payment can also be done through online using credit card or debit card and can be downloaded it through pdf. You will find two types of E- Visas they may be

Business Visa
Tourist Visa
Visiting friend or relative Visa
Transport Visa

There are three simple steps for trying to get ETA visa

Foreign nationalities who are wishing to travel to Myanmar must have a valid passport and a valid visa regardless of the age. Every foreign citizen is permitted obtain E-Visa in a brief period of time.

Myanmar Visa Application

ETA Myanmar Requirements

eTA Myanmar Requiments for Czech Citizens

Myanmar Visa Requirements.

For you to qualify to get the Myanmar eVisa and subsequently travel to Myanmar, they need to have satisfied a range of qualifications including:

1. Be a resident of one of the eligible countries that are listed on Myanmar’s public website.
2. For the situation of children under the age of 7 years, they can only be permitted to travel to Myanmar lacking any individual e-Visa only when they satisfy the next conditions:
-Are accompanied by parents or guardians.
-Their details are contained in their parent/guardian’s passport.
-Their details are included in their parent/guardian’s eVisa.
3. Have a very valid passport.
4. Submit a scanned color image of the biographical page of your present passport.
5. Submit a recent passport style color photo taken within the previous three months.
6. Applicants seeking a company e-Visa must provide a notice of invitation from the inviting company as well as the business’s registration letter. These documents are however not necessary as they could be submitted at a later time.

Myanmar eta

Important recommendations

Myanmar E-Visa Requirements

All foreign tourists need a visa to travel to Myanmar apart from the following nationalities:

– Singapore
– Thailand
– Cambodia
– Vietnam
– Laos
– Indonesia
– Philippines
– Brunei

It’s important to note that visitor visas only permit you to stay for 28 days but one can get a further 14 day extension at a price of $3 each day plus a one-off administration charge of $3. Guests are advised to prepare yourself with the right change at their departure point. Avoid trying to get your visa prematurily . since the visa validity period or the entry date ranges from one to 90 days. You may even be needed by the immigration officer to provide an onward ticket before checking into the flight. The immigration officers or air travel may deny you if you cannot present the ticket even if you have a visa. You are also likely to have your passport (six months validity) along with 2 digital color passport photos in a bundle that you are supposed to show to an immigration official upon arriving Myanmar. The E-visa only allows you to enter Myanmar via 3 Airfields I.e Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon and Mandalay. Besides the armed forces bureaucracy, Myanmar is a great place to visit with so many things to see and do.

e visa Myanmar

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