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Fill out the form

Step One: .Fill an application form.

Visit the Myanmar eVisa homepage and complete the form. On the application, remember to fill your anticipated port of entry including the specific airport or land border. Tourists may not be allowed to enter through some restricted zones. Also include your accommodation details, occupation, your passport number, issued date and expiration date.


SECOND STEP: Make your web payment (Authorization fee)

A tourist E-visa to Myanmar costs $50 which is paid at the time of application. The application charge is non refundable once submitted. Payment methods include American Express, JCB credit cards, Master card or Visa.

Check your e-mail

THIRD STEP: Get your E-visa after 3 working days

While the processing time for an E-visa is normally 3 business days, the process time can be upgraded into one or two working days and in urgent cases, 1 or 5 working hours. You may receive your E-visa approval notice via email which you are supposed to print before boarding your airline flight. The E-visa to Myanmar will be stamped on arrival at the airport.

ETA Myanmar: The Best Visa for a quick visit to Myanmar

If you want to travel to Myanmar there are several conditions you must fulfill, one of which is to secure a visa. Guests can apply and pay online to get visitor visas to Myanmar before arrival. The good news is that applying for an E-visa online is simpler than ever. But before you travel it’s important to first check your nationality’s visa rules as travel visa requirements varies. The E-visa is issued online and is a requirement for foreigners wanting to travel to Myanmar. This visa is only valid for solitary entrance hence re-entry takes a new visa.

Myanmar Visa Application

ETA Myanmar Requirements

eTA Myanmar Requiments for Japanese Citizens

Myanmar Visa requirements

Check out the main requirements regarding Myanmar e-visa:

There is a set of countries whose nationalities can only just enter into Myanmar. The Visas issued for Myanmar are solitary entry visas that will allow you to enter into the country just once and if you want to leave Myanmar and travel again to Myanmar you have to apply again for a new e- visa.

Myanmar is valid for 90 days. If you’re traveling for a business purpose you can stay consistently for 70 days and if you are journeying for tourist purpose, you’ll get an e-visa valid up to 28 days

If your child is more than 7 years and holding another passport then he/ she should have a separate e-visa. If your child is below 7 years he/she can travel without e-visa but the child’s details should be included on the parents’ or guardian’s passport and travel visa and also the child should be followed only by his/ her parent or guardian.

Myanmar e visa

Some important recommendations

Myanmar Visa Requirements.

For one to qualify to get the Myanmar eVisa and subsequently happen to be Myanmar, they need to have satisfied a variety of qualifications including:

1. Be a resident of one of the eligible countries that are outlined on Myanmar’s public website.
2. For the case of children under the age of 7 years, they can only be allowed to travel to Myanmar without an individual e-Visa only when they satisfy the following conditions:
-Are accompanied by parents or guardians.
-Their details are included in their parent/guardian’s passport.
-Their details are contained in their parent/guardian’s eVisa.
3. Possess a valid passport.
4. Submit a scanned color image of the biographical page of your current passport.
5. Submit a recent passport style color photo taken within the prior three months.
6. Applicants seeking a business e-Visa are required to provide a notice of invitation from the inviting company as well as the company’s registration notice. These documents are however not essential as they could be submitted at a later date.

Myanmar visa application


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