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Apply on-line for an eTA

THE FIRST STEP: .Fill an application form.

Visit the Myanmar eVisa homepage and complete the form. On the application, remember to fill in your anticipated port of entry including the specific airport or land border. Tourists might not be permitted to enter through some limited zones. Also include your accommodation details, occupation, your passport number, issued date and expiration date.

Spending money on your visa

Payment method

After submitting your E-Visa form you need to pay the federal government fees and service fees through online by making use of credit card, debit card or through paypal system. Once after the payment, you will get a confirmation message to your mail id and then you have to upload some necessary documents required to generate a visa. For a few emergency visits, you will be able to get a visa within 24 hours but it costs more money when compared to the normal amount.

Visa will be sent to your e-mail

3. How to get an E-Visa.

Once you’ve completed paying up for your e-Visa, you are assigned a transaction Identification and asked to wait as the Myanmar regulators get a chance to review the application. Normally improvements regarding your application and results are communicated for you through the phone number or email you provided, One can, however, check up on the status of their application through the official website making use of your passport, transaction or application number.

WHAT IS Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), to Myanmar

What’s a e-Visa?

Generally, the e-Visa or electronic Visa is a visa that is stored digitally in a database and is linked from the passport number without label, stamp, or sticker placed in the passport before travel. In Myanmar, the e-visa can be an official documentation that allows entry and travel within Myanmar’s borders. It’s an alternative to Visas released at Myanmar’s ports of access and missions. Guests in possession of the Myanmar e-Visa or e-Visa acceptance letter are permitted to visit the country for business or tourism purposes.

Application for a visa in Myanmar

The use of the eVisa in Myanmar follows the global best practice and is generally done online by all eligible travelers.

To apply E-Visa in Myanmar you need to follow the following simple steps:

– Fill in the application form online.
– Making down payments.
– Finally, you make your E-Visa.

Myanmar Visa Application

ETA Myanmar Requirements

eTA Myanmar Requiments for Jordanian Citizens

Myanmar Visa requirements

Check out the main requirements regarding Myanmar e-visa:

There’s a list of countries whose nationalities can only just enter into Myanmar. The Visas issued for Myanmar are single entry visas that will enable you to enter the nation just once and if you want to leave the country and travel again to Myanmar you have to use again for a new e- visa.

Myanmar is valid for 90 days. If you’re traveling for a company purpose you can stay continually for 70 days and if you are touring for tourist purpose, you’ll get an e-visa valid up to 28 days

If your child is more than 7 years and holding a separate passport then he/ she must have a separate e-visa. If your son or daughter is below 7 years he/she can travel without e-visa however the child’s details should be included on the parents’ or guardian’s passport and travel visa as well as the child should be accompanied only by his/ her mother or father or guardian.

Myanmar online visa


Myanmar Visa Requirements.

For you to qualify to get the Myanmar eVisa and subsequently travel to Myanmar, they need to have satisfied a range of qualifications including:

1. Be a resident of 1 of the eligible countries that are outlined on Myanmar’s public website.
2. For the case of children under the age of 7 years, they can only be permitted to happen to be Myanmar without an individual e-Visa only if they satisfy the next conditions:
-Are accompanied by parents or guardians.
-Their details are included in their parent/guardian’s passport.
-Their details are included in their parent/guardian’s eVisa.
3. Possess a valid passport.
4. Submit a scanned color image of the biographical page of your present passport.
5. Submit a recent passport style color photo taken within the previous three months.
6. Applicants seeking a company e-Visa must provide a notice of invitation from the inviting company as well as the company’s registration letter. These documents are however not necessary as they could be submitted at a later time.

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