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Filling the application form:

You can apply for E-Visa through the online portal. There some details that are mandatory to say on the E- Visa application form. You must mention your right date of birth as mentioned on your travel document, enter your full name properly as it is on the passport, port of arrival and your nationality as well. Kids whose details are attached combined with the parent is exempted from getting a independent ETA but his/ her details are stated along with the parent’s ETA visa form. Before submission have a complete check and click on the submit button.

Make an online payment

Step Two: Make your web payment (Acceptance fee)

A tourist E-visa to Myanmar costs $50 which is paid at the time of application. The application fee is non refundable once submitted. Payment methods include American Express, JCB bank cards, Master card or Visa.

Get eTA Visa

3. How to get an E-Visa.

Once you have completed paying up for your e-Visa, you are assigned a transaction Identification and asked to hold back as the Myanmar regulators get an opportunity to review the application. Normally improvements regarding your application and results are communicated to you through the telephone number or email you provided, One can, however, check up on the position of the application through the official website making use of your passport, transaction or application number.

What is ETA Myanmar?

What is e-Visa?

Generally, the e-Visa or electronic Visa is a visa that is stored digitally in a database and is linked to the passport number without label, stamp, or sticker positioned in the passport before travel. In Myanmar, the e-visa can be an official documentation that allows entry and travel within Myanmar’s borders. It’s an alternative solution to Visas issued at Myanmar’s ports of entrance and missions. Guests in possession of the Myanmar e-Visa or e-Visa approval letter are allowed to travel to Myanmar for business or tourism purposes.

Application for a visa in Myanmar

The use of the eVisa in Myanmar follows the global best practice and is normally done online by all eligible travelers.

To use E-Visa in Myanmar you need to follow the next simple steps:

– Fill in the application form form online.
– Making down payments.
– Finally, you get your E-Visa.

ETA Myanmar Requirements

Myanmar Visa Application

eTA Myanmar Requiments for Vietnamese Citizens

Myanmar Visa requirements

Check out the main requirements regarding Myanmar e-visa:

There’s a list of countries whose nationalities can only just enter Myanmar. The Visas released for Myanmar are solitary entry visas that will allow you to enter into the country just once and if you wish to leave the country and travel again to Myanmar you have to use again for a new e- visa.

Myanmar is valid for 90 days. If you are traveling for a business purpose you can stay continually for 70 days and if you are traveling for visitor purpose, you’ll get an e-visa valid up to 28 days

If your son or daughter is more than 7 years and holding another passport then he/ she must have another e-visa. If your child is below 7 years he/she can travel without e-visa but the child’s details should be included on the parents’ or guardian’s passport and travel visa and also the child should be followed only by his/ her parent or guardian.

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Myanmar E-Visa Requirements

All international tourists require a visa to go to Myanmar apart from the following nationalities:

– Singapore
– Thailand
– Cambodia
– Vietnam
– Laos
– Indonesia
– Philippines
– Brunei

It is important to note that visitor visas only permit you to stay for 28 days but you can get an additional 14 day expansion at a price of $3 each day and also a one-off administration fee of $3. Guests should prepare yourself with the right change at their departure point. Avoid applying for your visa prematurily . because the visa validity period or the entry date ranges from one to three months. You may also be required by the immigration officer to provide an onward ticket before checking into your flight. The immigration officials or airline may deny you if you fail to present the solution even if you have a visa. You are also supposed to have your passport (six months validity) along with 2 digital color passport photos in a bundle that you are likely to show to an immigration officer upon arriving Myanmar. The E-visa only allows you to enter Myanmar via 3 International airports I.e Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon and Mandalay. Besides the military bureaucracy, Myanmar is a superb place to visit with so a lot of things to see and do.

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