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Online form

1.) Fill out the form Online

You’ll be necessary to complete your correct private information for your visa application to be approved. Please ensure that the information listed below is entered properly before you post the application:

– Your Passport number
-Nationality as it seems in your travel documents
-Date of birth

You need to crosscheck above information to ensure that they are entered correctly.

Paying for your visa

2) Payment method

Once after submitting your details in the ETA portal, you pay cash through online making use of your debit card or credit cards. The ETL Visa amount may vary time to time and the money is not transferable or non-refundable.

Check your e-mail

3.) Ways to get an electric visa to Sri Lanka

After filling in your application and making your repayments, you will receive a confirmation of your application in your email. After your eta visa is processed, it’ll be sent to your email that you will print out and utilize it when boarding the airplane. You use to check in at the airport.

ETA Sri Lanka - All that you will need to know!

What’s electronic travel authorization?

As you plan to go to Sri Lanka you may want to find out everything you require prior to going. An eta visa to Sri Lanka is one of those requirements. In full it is known as the digital travel authorization. The facts you may ask, this can be an admittance requirement for visa-exempt for all foreign tourists traveling to Sri Lanka by air. It replaces the requirement to apply for a visa level. As you travel even your children require eta visa unless they have Sri Lankan passports. This is only valid for 1 month. Those seeking to go and take part in business deals in Sri Lanka can buy their eta visa from the Sri Lankan diplomatic mission. Only residents from Maldives, Seychelles and Singapore are exempted from the need of acquiring the eta visa. To use for an eta visa you can complete an online form giving all your passport details and everything of anyone touring with you. You should remember that to apply for an eta you should be outside Sri Lanka as well as your passport should be valid for at least 3 months.

Sri Lanka Visa Application

ETA Sri Lanka Requirements

eTA Sri Lanka Requiments for Dominican Republic Citizens

If you’re planning to apply for an electronic travel authorization then you must meet the following basic requirements for the application to be approved as discussed below:

Passport Validity

You’ll want a passport that is valid for half a year from the time you enter Sri Lanka.

Sufficient Funds

You need to also illustrate that you have enough money to sustain throughout your entire time in Sri Lanka. You should also know that you will not participate in any gainful employment during your stay unless specified in your visa. You are also likely to make sure the info you have given is correct and true when applying online for your digital visa.

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You must also prove that you can pay for to sustain during your entire time in Sri Lanka. It’s also advisable to know that you will not participate in any gainful work during your stay unless given in your visa. You are also supposed to make sure the information you have given is correct and true when applying online for your digital visa.

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