Sri Lanka online visa

Sri Lanka e visa

Apply on-line

1.) Fill the form Online

You will be required to fill out your correct personal information for your visa application to be approved. Please ensure that the information listed below is entered properly before you submit the application:

– Your Passport number
-Nationality as it seems in your travel documents
-Date of birth

You will need to crosscheck above information to make sure they are entered correctly.

Paying for your visa

2.) Select Your Payment Method

Make sure that you give the correct information on your debit/credit cards because the fees will be billed immediately after you submit your application. You can also make your payment making use of your PayPal accounts. Fees and requirements that are involved in processing your application can vary greatly from time and visitors are advised that these fees are not transferable or refundable once paid.

Get eTA Visa

How to get a Visa

Your valid travel document details must be entered correctly while filling the ETL form; after all of the confirmation process your ETA Visa will get from the passport. ETL Visas are electronic based so there won’t be any labels or stamps on it. Once you obtain the ETL Visa you meet the criteria to travel to Srilanka.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), to Sri Lanka

Electronic travel authorization can be an official electronic authorization that is issued to people who want to visit Sri Lanka for tourism purposes. It was launched by the Sri Lanka authorities in 2012 to provide reliable, simplified and effective services to people who visit Sri Lanka. ETA holders will get a month visit visa upon entering Sri Lanka. Guests are advised to utilize this online system to avoid long queues at the point of entry. This article provides information about ETA Visa to Sri Lanka that you need to know.
Visitors from 3 countries are exempted from obtaining the electronic travel authorization including Singapore, Maldives, and Seychelles because they will be issued with a free of charge visa upon arriving in Sri Lanka. Individuals who hold service or diplomatic passports can enter Sri Lanka without applying online for an eta
visa. Before you board a plane to Sri Lanka make sure that you have asked for an electronic travel authorization from the Department of Emigration and Immigration, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Visa Application

ETA Sri Lanka Requirements

eTA Sri Lanka Requiments for Iraqi Citizens

Before applying for an electronic travel authorization visa or ETA Visa to Srilanka you should have a dynamic passport valid at least for six months. Nationalities of Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Syria should bring their return solution to get their clearance while traveling to Srilanka. Visitors to Srilanka are always recommended to use an online system to avoid delays. The ETA visa holder should not work for any profitable or non-profitable organization and also he/she should not employ himself/ herself in any type of business except the ones that are stated on the ETLA visa during his/ her stay in Srilanka.

Sri Lanka visa application


You must also illustrate that you have enough money to sustain during your entire time in Sri Lanka. You should also know that you will not participate in any gainful work during your stay unless given in your visa. You are also likely to confirm that the info you have given is correct and true when applying online for your electronic visa.

This informative article has provided information about ETA Visa to Sri Lanka that readers wanted to know.

Sri Lanka online visa

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