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Every individual whatever the age who is traveling down to Srilanka should fill the ETA application form including children those people who have another passport. Kids whose details are attached combined with the parent is exempted from getting a individual ETA but his/ her details are mentioned combined with the parent’s ETA visa form. Choose the ETL visa type regarding to your wish. There are three types of ETL visas. 1) Transit Visa 2) Business Visa and 3) Tourist Visa

You must fill everything in online and check before the submission. The next details should be checked compulsory before submitting the web form because the processing days might take more days if there is an error with the given details.

• Be sure you have entered your date of birth as per it is given in your passport.
• Passport number should be entered properly.
• According to your travel record, your nationality should be entered properly.

Paying for your visa

2.) Select Your Payment Method

Make sure that you enter the correct details of your debit/credit card because the fees will be billed soon after you send your application. You can also make your payment making use of your PayPal account. Fees and requirements that are involved in processing the application can vary greatly from time and guests are advised these fees are not transferable or refundable once paid.

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3.) Ways to get an electric visa to Sri Lanka

After filling out the application and making your payments, you will receive a confirmation of the application in your email. After your eta visa is prepared, it will be sent to your email that you will print and utilize it when boarding the airplane. You will use to check in at the airport.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), to Sri Lanka

Electronic travel authorization is an official digital authorization that is issued to people who want to visit Sri Lanka for tourism purposes. It had been launched by the Sri Lanka federal government in 2012 to offer reliable, simplified and efficient services to people who visit Sri Lanka. ETA holders will be given per month visit visa upon entering Sri Lanka. Visitors are advised to utilize this online system to avoid long queues at the point of entry. This post will provide information about ETA Visa to Sri Lanka that you’ll require to know.
Visitors from 3 countries are exempted from obtaining the electronic travel authorization including Singapore, Maldives, and Seychelles because they will be issued with a free visa upon arriving in Sri Lanka. People who hold service or diplomatic passports can enter Sri Lanka without applying online for an eta
visa. Before you get on a plane to Sri Lanka make sure that you have asked for an electronic travel authorization from the Department of Emigration and Immigration, Sri Lanka.

ETA Sri Lanka Requirements

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Eta Sri Lanka requirements

Before you make an internet application to get the electronic travel authorization you should validate your passport. All passports for all those candidates must be valid for the very least duration of six months from the day one enters Sri Lanka. Just in case you own the United Kingdom emergency travel
documents it is good to know that they can be accepted for entrance, air side transit and exit from Sri Lanka. Before applying it is also good to have yellow
fever certificate to point that you are clear of this disease. However not everyone is required to have this. You can check with the national travel health network and center’s travel health pro website to learn.

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Important recommendations

You must also illustrate that you can pay for to sustain during your entire stay in Sri Lanka. You should also know that you will not participate in any gainful work during your stay unless given in your visa. You are also supposed to confirm that the info you have given is appropriate and true when applying online for your electronic visa.

This informative article has provided information about ETA Visa to Sri Lanka that readers wished to know.

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