eta visa Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka eta


1.) Fill the form Online

You’ll be needed to fill out your correct personal information for your visa application to be approved. Please ensure that the information listed below is entered correctly before you post your application:

– Your Passport number
-Nationality as it appears in your travel documents
-Date of birth

You will need to crosscheck above information to make sure they are entered correctly.

Paying for your visa

2) Payment method

Once after submitting your details in the ETA website, you can pay cash through online making use of your debit cards or credit card. The ETL Visa amount may vary time to time and the cash is not transferable or nonrefundable.

Check your e-mail

3.) How to get an electronic visa to Sri Lanka

After filling in your application and making your repayments, you will get a confirmation of the application in your email. After your eta visa is processed, it’ll be sent to your email which you will print out and utilize it when boarding the plane. You will use to check in at the airport.

What is ETA Sri Lanka?

Electronic travel authorization is an official digital authorization that is issued to the people who want to visit Sri Lanka for tourism purposes. It had been presented by the Sri Lanka federal government in 2012 to provide reliable, simplified and efficient services to the people who visit Sri Lanka. ETA holders will be given a month visit visa upon entering Sri Lanka. Guests are advised to utilize this online system to avoid long queues at the point of entry. This short article provides information about ETA Visa to Sri Lanka that you need to know.
Visitors from three countries are exempted from acquiring the electronic travel authorization including Singapore, Maldives, and Seychelles because they’ll be issued with a free of charge visa upon arriving in Sri Lanka. People who keep service or diplomatic passports can enter Sri Lanka without applying online for an eta
visa. Before you get on a aircraft to Sri Lanka make sure that you have requested an electric travel authorization from the Department of Emigration and Immigration, Sri Lanka.

ETA Sri Lanka Requirements

Sri Lanka Visa Application

eTA Sri Lanka Requiments for Surinamese Citizens

Before applying for an electronic travel authorization visa or ETA Visa to Srilanka you ought to have an active passport valid at least for six months. Nationalities of Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Syria should carry their return ticket to get their clearance while traveling to Srilanka. Visitors to Srilanka are always suggested to use an online system to avoid delays. The ETA visa holder shouldn’t work for just about any profitable or non-profitable company and also he/she shouldn’t participate himself/ herself in any kind of business except the ones that are described on the ETLA visa during his/ her stay in Srilanka.

eta visa Sri Lanka

Some important recommendations

Applying for visa

To use for a visa to Sri Lanka you must have all your details and complete an internet Sri Lanka eta visa application form. Enter all your details and those traveling with you may apply separately. To fill this form you’ll also require a master card, visa credit or debit, UK maestro or an American express credit card. It is necessary that you use your passport and your passport number since the visa is associated with this number. Online applications have very flexible payment methods. You should use your visa card or some other major payment methods such as western union, PayPal, money gram or even net teller. It is a secured process and you need not to get worried about any inconveniences. After filling in the application form, it takes about one to two hours for the specialists to approve. It is always advisable to always make your visa before coming to Sri Lanka. You can get your visa from the Sri Lankan high commission in britain. All travelers are usually given visas for a maximum period of 30 days. In any case if you enter Sri Lank without a visa you could get many complications. If you over stay your visa you’ll be charged a fine and deportation is also possible. You must are accountable to the division of immigration and emigration if you over stay your visa. Those vacationing from Sierra Leone and guinea have been suspended from getting visas on entrance.

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