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Applying for the visa to Kenya

Since trying to get the visa to Kenya is a time-consuming process, you might as well take your time and effort to obtain it right first time. In the event that you track application status online, you will see that the application for the Kenya E-visa will be an uncomplicated process for you. It is very important for you to meet all their eligibility requirements so that your visa will not get rejected. Don’t rush into trying to get a visa to Kenya. Get it right. Get all the documents to be able to place the best case in front of Kenyan Embassy, track your application status, so when it gets accepted, you can receive your visa.

ETA Kenya Requirements

Kenya Visa Application

eTA Kenya Requiments for Icelandic Citizens


Listed below are the list of documents that you will need to use for your Kenya E-visa and also to track the Kenya visa application status online:

Valid passport
Photographs following a international standards
Completed application form
Bank statement to offer credibility of sufficient amount in your bank account.
Certificate of eligibility (COE)
Invitation letter.
Guarantee letter.
Plane tickets itinerary and hotel reservation details

apply Kenya visa online

Some important recommendations

You can submit these documents online and track the application form status. Once you submit the documents, it is very easy to monitor the visa application to Kenya. The normal duration of the Kenya visa is at 90 business days. The process to monitor the application position Kenya could be easier if your agent or agency helps you identify the right documents. You could finish this process in three days steps.

Payment for the Kenya E- visa

Before you send the documents you will have to pay for the E-visa. The specialists utilized by the Kenyan acknowledge valid bank claims, payments made through western union and PayPal. Once you’ve paid you will be required to upload the documents as an indicator of proof.

Kenya visa online

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