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Visa Kenya - Everything that you will need to know!

Just like many other countries, Kenya also promotes tourism and welcomes tourists from all elements of the world. But as the security is a significant concern, Kenya allows visitors who seek to pay a visit for sightseeing, conferences, meetings, academic programs and procedures but with some extreme care. To lessen the fraudulent activities by the vacationers, Kenya imposes a ‘levy’ of all visitors even for the travels with brief duration.

Electronic Travel Authorization has now completely made the process of visa application less complicated and hassle-free. This sort of visa was presented by the Kenyan federal government so that anybody would access it wherever he/she is without going to Kenyan embassy. After applying the regulators utilized by the Kenyan government can look at the application and then process your E-visa if you meet all certain requirements. Anyone who has a valid passport can apply for online Kenya visa easily.

Kenya Visa Application

ETA Kenya Requirements

eTA Kenya Requiments for Indian Citizens

What are the requirements for trying to get Kenya E-Visa?

But before you apply for online Kenyan E-Visa, there are few requirements that are mentioned below that you must fulfil:

You must have a passport with half a year of validity from your date of departure from the Kenya.
You need to be sound mind.
You must not have any police records or involved with scandal with any private or government agencies.
Your complete detailed itinerary which must contain your hotel accommodation, airfare tickets (confirmed return ticket).
Your bank account must contain sufficient funds.
Although you can make an application for online Kenyan E-Visa up to six months to few hours from the date of travel, it is strongly recommended that you must apply before per month in advance.

Once you get a confirmation, you are set to go to this amazing country which offers unexpected sites with breath-taking views. An excellent destination which is perfect for snorkelling, scuba-diving, underwater sea-walk and meditation and yoga will give you a huge selection of memorable occasions and thoughts to cherish for the others of your life.

Kenya e visa

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Applying for a Visa in Kenya

If you’re planning to visit Kenya, the other of the requirements you will need is a visa. Kenya’s Department of Immigration introduced the e-Visa application process in the past in September 2015. The type of visa you should have is distinctly described by the Kenyan Visa Rules and relates to your known reasons for journeying in to the country. E-visa application process is rather simple if you’ve all the requirements needed. One of the necessities is to fill the application form. To get the application, visit the public website and then you create a merchant account. Select register as a visitor as soon as you’re logged in, choose department of immigration services then send the application. Over the new page, select Kenyan visa, the type of visa you would like to apply then browse the instructions carefully. Once you’re done, you are good to start filling in the application. If you are prompted to make some payments, use either a Mastercard, Visa cards or any other debit/credit cards you’ve got with you. You need to await an approval that’ll be delivered via your email. The average acceptance wait time is two working days; that’s exempting weekends and open public vacations. Download and print the e-visa from the eCitizen account, you’ll be required to present the e-Visa at the immigration office at the idea of entry in to the country.

visa Kenya

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