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Just like other countries, Kenya also promotes travel and leisure and welcomes vacationers from all parts of the world. But as the security is a significant concern, Kenya allows guests who seek to pay a visit for sightseeing, conferences, meetings, educational programs and medical treatments but with some caution. To reduce the fraudulent activities by the visitors, the country imposes a ‘levy’ on most vacationers even for the travels with short duration.

Electronic Travel Authorization has now completely made the procedure of visa application less complex and hassle-free. This kind of visa was presented by the Kenyan federal government so that any person would get access to it wherever he/she is without travelling to Kenyan embassy. After applying the government bodies utilized by the Kenyan federal government will look at your application and then process your E-visa if you meet all the requirements. Whoever has a valid passport can make an application for online Kenya visa easily.

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Kenya E-Visa Requirements

Before your application is accepted, proper testing is performed to ensure all you indicated holds true as well as your travel and intentions into the country are legitimate. Some of the requirements for application include a scanned photo or copy of the bio-data page on your present passport. You should also know the type of visa you want and also have a form of online payment to complete the application form procedure. An electronic passport size-photograph (500 px X 500 px) is also part of the requirements. Additional documents such as your hotel booking, invitation letter, your travel itinerary, a return ticket and other assisting documents like the places of visit; if you’re going as a visitor will be quite helpful.

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How to make an application for Kenya E-visa

By either visiting the website of the federal government of Kenya or any other legitimate websites, you can merely fill up the Kenya Visa FORM with personal details. The personal details must contain name, age, address, nationality, passport number, and hotel and airline flight information. You may also require uploading few documents as well as your photo with specific measurements.

Once you complete the Kenya Visa Application Form, all you have to do is hit the send button after paying the visa fee. As the application process gets completed, you will get a reference number that you need to note down. This reference number can help you monitor your visa position online. You might receive your E-visa via e-mail, provided in the application form form.

Payment for the E-visa

The government of Kenya has tried to implement the international methods of payments that are accepted globally. When you have applied for this visa you will have to pay for this service through PayPal, western union and the internationally accepted credit and bank account visa cards.

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