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Visa Kenya: The perfect Visa for a quick trip to Kenya

What’s Electronic travel Authorization

An Electronic Travel Authorization, (ETA) is a traveler’s enrollment into a foreign country which isn’t actually classified as a Visa. Travelers may choose to apply for an ETA instead of a Visa depending on the reason for their travel. An E-visa, on the other hands, is an digital visa that is prepared through a digital process and which means there’s no paperwork and regular visits to the immigration offices or any diplomatic mission. Among the major distinctions between ETA and E-visa is the flexibility and the digesting time. An ETA can be released in under 48 hours after the application and it’s easy to amend and alter the details onto it while an E-visa cannot be changed. The latter is only issued by the government’s relevant government bodies and hence they’re not such instant. That said, both the E-visa and ETA supplies the same conditions and requirements even for the tourist visa, however; one will have an extra piece of mind with a visa.

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Kenya E-Visa Requirements

Before your application is accepted, proper screening is done to ensure everything you indicated holds true as well as your travel and intentions in to the country are legitimate. A number of the requirements for application add a scanned picture or copy of the bio-data page on your current passport. You should also know the kind of visa you want and also have a form of online payment to complete the application form procedure. A digital passport size-photograph (500 px X 500 px) is also area of the necessities. Additional documents such as your hotel reserving, invitation notice, your travel itinerary, a return ticket and other helping documents like the places of visit; if you’re going as a tourist will be quite helpful.

evisa Kenya

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Applying for a Visa in Kenya

If you’re planning to visit Kenya, the other of certain requirements you will need is a visa. Kenya’s Division of Immigration introduced the e-Visa application process in the past in September 2015. The sort of visa you ought to have is distinctly defined by the Kenyan Visa Rules and pertains to your reasons for touring in to the country. E-visa application process is quite simple if you have all the requirements needed. Among the essentials is to fill in the application form form. To obtain the application, visit the official website and then you create a merchant account. Select register as a visitor as soon as you’re logged in, choose department of immigration services then submit the application. On the new web page, select Kenyan visa, the kind of visa you want to apply then browse the instructions carefully. Once you’re done, you are good to begin filling in the application form. When you are prompted to make some obligations, use either a Mastercard, Visa cards or any other debit/credit card you’ve got with you. You’ll have to wait for an approval which will be delivered via your email. The common acceptance wait time is two business days; that’s exempting weekends and open public vacations. Download and print the e-visa from the eCitizen accounts, you’ll be required to present the e-Visa at the immigration office at the idea of entry into the country.

Kenya visa online


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