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Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), to Kenya

What’s Electronic travel Authorization

An Electronic Travel Authorization, (ETA) is a traveler’s registration into a foreign country which isn’t actually classified as a Visa. Travelers may choose to make an application for an ETA rather than a Visa depending on the purpose of their travel. An E-visa, on the other hands, is an electronic visa that is processed through an electronic process and that means there’s no paperwork and regular visits to the immigration offices or any diplomatic mission. One of the major variations between ETA and E-visa is the flexibility and the processing time. An ETA can be issued in under 48 hours following the application and it’s really easy to amend and alter the facts onto it while an E-visa cannot be altered. The latter is only issued by the government’s relevant authorities and therefore they’re not such instant. That said, both E-visa and ETA offers the same conditions and requirements even for the tourist visa, however; one will have an extra piece of mind with a visa.

ETA Kenya Requirements

Kenya Visa Application

eTA Kenya Requiments for Swedish Citizens


The following are the set of documents that you will need to use for your Kenya E-visa and also to track the Kenya visa application status online:

Valid passport
Photographs following a international standards
Completed application form
Bank statement to offer credibility of sufficient amount in your bank account.
Certificate of eligibility (COE)
Invitation letter.
Guarantee letter.
Plane tickets itinerary and hotel booking details

visa Kenya online

Important recommendations

You are able to submit these documents online and track the application form status. Once you submit the documents, it is very easy to track the visa application to Kenya. The standard duration of the Kenya visa is within 90 business days. The process to track the application position Kenya could be much simpler if your agent or agency can help you identify the right documents. You could end this process in three days steps.

Payment for the Kenya E- visa

Before you submit the documents you will have to purchase the E-visa. The specialists utilized by the Kenyan acknowledge valid bank claims, obligations made through western union and PayPal. After you have paid you will be required to upload the documents as a sign of evidence.

Kenya e visa

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