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Planning To Visit Cambodia – Understand Cambodia e-Visa Visa Better

There is no doubt that Cambodia is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia. It has a rich history and culture and also offers some of the most beautiful sceneries and other places of interest. However, like all countries in the world, foreigners planning to visit this country need visas. Foreigners visit Cambodia for the purpose of tourism, travel or business purposes.

Types Of Cambodia e-Visa

Hence, the kind of visas that you would require would also depend on the types of visit you are undertaking. There are basically three types of visas which you would require when visiting this country. They are Cambodia tourist visa, Cambodia business visa and Cambodia travel visa. The process of obtaining visas for visiting Cambodia has been simplified quite a bit with the new Cambodia e-Visa Visa options. Hence, it is now possible to get the visas online and that too within 24 hours. Hence whether it is for business, travel or simple tourism, you need not stand in the queue to get your visas. It can be done sitting in the comfort of your home, office or even when you are on the move.

What Are The Cambodia E-Visa and Visa Requirements

There are a few things to be kept in mind when you applying for e-visas requirements. First and foremost, you must be sure that you belong to the country which is on the approved list for such online visa requirements. There are a few countries with whom Cambodia does not have the best of relationships. Visas are not given to the people of these countries. The entire list is available online. Further any online e-visa applicant must mention the port of entry through which they will be entering Cambodia. Online Cambodia e-visa visa applicants must ensure that the applications are accompanied by photographs, valid passport (at least for 6 months) credit cards and an email address.

How To Fill Cambodia E-Visa and Visa Application

There are clear instructions available in the Cambodia e-visa visa application portal and web page. As a visa applicant you must go through the instructions and then get started with the application. There are some mandatory details like name, age, place of birth, date of birth and other such details that must be filled accurately. It must be the same as available in the passport. E-mail, phone contact and other such details must also be mentioned clearly. There also is a link available and on clicking the same you will be taken to the main application page where you must enter the various details. Apart from the above details, you also must enter details pertaining to your gender. The passport validity date, the proposed date of entry into Cambodia and country of citizenship must be clearly mentioned. You must avoid making mistakes while applying online else there is a chance that the visa application might get rejected. After the application has been filled there are a few self declarations which you must agree to. You also must pay the required visa fees once the application has been complete for further processing. Usually the visa is approved and issued within 24 hours.

Who Requires Cambodia E-Visa and Visa To Enter The Country

Anyone who is defined as a foreigner in Cambodia must apply for e visa or visa through the conventional channel. There are lists of countries whose inmates are allowed inside the country and you will get to know of the same by following the overall rules and requirements on the websites. It is always better to apply online because of some obvious reasons of convenience and comfort. You can visit this country as a foreigner for medical purposes, job or business purposes, and tourist purposes or just for the purpose of visiting relatives and friends. There are some exceptions for visa applications and the details of the same are also available online. Hence at the end of the day you must be completely in the know about the various entities and individuals who are required to apply for visa when visiting this country. The Cambodia e-Visa visa process has been made very simple and easy and therefore once you are aware of the rules, going through the process should not take too much of time. Yes, Cambodia is certainly a lovely country with very nice people.

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