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All You Need To Know About Kenya e-Visa Visa

Are you planning to travel Kenya? Do you want to know more about Kenya e-Visa Visa types and requirements? Do you want to apply online? If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, you will get all the details including the requirements. Kenya e-Visa Visa can be obtained for short and long-term visits for the maximum period of ninety days from the entry date. The citizens of all the countries do not need a Kenya e-Visa Visa to travel Kenya. We will discuss about the requirements in the proceeding paragraphs. There are three types of Kenya e-visa. These are Kenya tourist visa, Kenya travel visa, Kenya business visa. The tourist visa covers different types of visas that will include single entry visa, multiple entry visa, and East Africa Tourist Visa. A single entry visa is required to enter Kenya for business, tourism, and medical purposes. It is designed for single entry only. The multiple entry visa is made for several trips for same purposes. The next one is the East Africa tourist visa. This visa is valid for ninety days. With this visa, you can travel three countries: Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. The Transit or travel visa is designed for those going through Kenya to any other destination for a period of seventy-two hours. If you are not leaving the airport, you will not need this visa. The business visa includes number visas including single entry and multiple entry visa, and work visa. You need to go through the procedures to know which visa will be more suitable for you.

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Kenya e-Visa and Visa Requirements

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If you are planning to apply for Kenya e-Visa Visa, then first you need to understand the requirements. Once you have all the documents, you can go ahead to apply it online. The processing will be easy and convenient if you have all the documents. Otherwise, you will not be able to qualify for the visa. The required documents are 500px x 500px max digital passport photo and the photo of the biodata page of your passport. You can also submit a copy. The page will contain all your details including your photo, your name, and biographical data. In addition, you will need a credit card, Debit card, or Master card for an online payment. A few other documents required for e-Visa are travel itinerary, invitation letter, return ticket, or other documents relating to your travel. You also need to be aware of visa type before filling the form.

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How to fill the application form

You need to get the application form from online first. You will find a few websites that offer application form. All of them are more or less same. The requirements and the procedures will be same.

Kenya eVisa
Kenya eVisa

You need to click to create an account and then you need to select register as the visitor. Once you are logged in, you need to select the immigration department services. In that section, you need to select submit the application and then select Kenya visa. Now, you can select visa types that you want for your travel. You need to go through the instructions carefully to avoid any confusion. Once you have the application form, you need to be a bit careful while filling. You need to give the accurate information about your passport. You will also need a digital copy of your passport, ID/Passport photo, and travel itinerary. After filling the form, the next step will be the payment. You can make the payment through a secure payment gateway including credit card or Paypal. You need to check your application online after applying for your visa. It will take up to seventy-two hours to complete the process.


Many foreign nationals do not require a visa to enter Kenya. The nationalities that need a visa to enter Kenya are Armenia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Eritrea, Cameroon, Libya, Iraq, Kosovo, North Korea, Lebanon, Palestine, Mali, Somalia, Senegal, Syria, Yemen, and Tajikistan. If you belong to any of these countries, you will need a visa to enter Kenya. The minors aged sixteen and below do not need a visa to enter Kenya. In addition, you need to understand your purpose of traveling and duration before applying for an e-Visa.

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