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The Government of Sri Lanka has come up with the latest electronic visa, referred to as ETA for people who will be visiting their country for a shorter duration of time. This visa contributes to being the endorsement on the passport for facilitating the legal entry of the non-residents and for the regulation of their duration of stay in addition to the conditions that govern the stay. People who are planning a visit to Sri Lanka must possess a valid issue which is used by the Department of Immigration & Emigration in Colombo in Sri Lanka. Tourists are allowed to apply for Sri Lanka ETA visa online. The process of submission of electronic processing as well as the approval will be sent to the applicant by means of email. There are primarily three types of SRI LANKA ETA Visa which include business visa, tourist visa, and travel visa. The Tourist visa is for people who are planning a trip to Sri Lanka for visiting family and friends. It is also for the cultural performance and medical purpose. If a person needs to go to the country for different business purposes, they can apply for the online business ETA business. If people are going to the country for enjoying a vacation, sightseeing, they can opt for the travel visa.

Requirements For Sri Lanka ETA

For being eligible for SRI LANKA eTA Visa, you should be having a passport with a validity of 6 months from the arrival date. It is essential to possess a confirmed return ticket, as one of the requirements, in case you are traveling via air. You require having sufficient funds for meeting the expenses during the stay in the country. You do not need to have any type of photographs, documents and passport copies for applying for the evisa. There is no requirement for sending the original passport.

The person requires paying a specific amount of application fees that depend on the type of visa. People can make payment for the application fees by means of credit card and debit card. Visitors are required to make use of the online system for applying visa for avoiding the lengthy delays at the entry port. Applying for this type of online visa is a simple process.

Sri Lanka Eta Visa Application Form

The process of applying for ETA visa Sri Lanka is completely electronic. The applicant does not require submitting passport or original documents to the document. The processing of visa will be done even a copy is submitted online. The process is simple. You need to choose the visa catering to your objectives of visiting the country of Sri Lanka. It just requires the submission of fully filled application form on the website of ETA Sri Lanka. After filling the online application, it is essential to make the payment instantly. The applicants can make use of debit card, credit card for making the payment. After the submission of the via, the time duration of 1-2 hours is required for getting approval from the authorities. The visa has validity for singular entry visit to the country for up to 30 days. In case the person stays in the country more than that, tourist visas are issued for the candidate. The stamping of the visas is done inside the passport of the traveler. The applicant requires visiting the Sri Lankan embassy for applying the same.

Who Requires A Visa To Enter Sri Lanka

People who are planning to pay a visit to Sri Lanka for holidifying and sightseeing should be applying for ETA visa. In case a person is willing to travel to the country to visit relatives and friends, they need to apply for the visa. They can also apply for the visa for different medical treatments which include yoga and Ayurvedic. In case the person is going to take participation in activities that are related to any cultural performance, competitions and sporting events, they should apply for this visa online.

Electronic travel authorization Sri Lanka

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